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Klaudio Ultra Sonic Record Cleaner

Introducing the brand-new, fully automated, totally badass version of Klaudio's ultrasonic cleaner. Featuring the absolute highest quality fit and finish and completely unmatched performance. Enjoy your vinyl records as if they were new again.

The new KD-CLN-LP200T brings 200 Watts of ultrasonic cleaning power to your LP collection. Using patent-pending technology, the toughest grime and dust is easily removed without the risk of physical scrubbers or the need for detergent. Drying is also handled safely with blowers. Simply connect an external water source and insert your phonograph record, and the rest is automated.

This machine draws water from an external reservoir. The included container should be filled with distilled water and located on the floor beneath the cleaner. Alternatively, this model supports a direct plumbing connection with Klaudio's tap water kit (sold seperately), which is especially suited for high-volume vinyl cleaning.

Ultrasonic transducers are placed perpendicular to both sides of the disc for maximum cleaning effect. Klaudio's technology allows powerful waves to remove debris without damaging the disc. And special dampening minimizes vibration and noise. The entire washing and drying process can be adjusted from two to 10 minutes. Cleaning status is conveniently displayed through an LED progress bar.

Those who know of Klaudio's reputation and who have seen the past results are going to be beyond thrilled to see this incredible product back on the market and now better than ever.

If you treasure your record collection, there really is no other way to care for it.


  •  Compatible with 296-304mm (11.65-12in) diameter LP vinyl phonograph records; 7in and 10in with separate adapters

  •  115V (60Hz) and 230V (50Hz) AC compatible

  •  Auxiliary power output for accessories

  •  Hands-free automated process which starts as soon as the record is inserted

  •  Risk-free cleaning and drying without physical surface contact

  •  No scrubbing or drying rollers to replace

  •  Designed for use without detergents, use only tap or bottled drinking water

  •  Adjustable washing time: 0-5 minutes

  •  Adjustable drying time: 0-5 minutes

  •  Wash+dry, wash-only, and dry-only modes

  •  Noise: 65dBA (washing), 75dBA (drying)

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